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Plasma Cutting CompaniesThere are a variety of different methods used when it comes to cutting highly durable materials, such as steel, granite or aluminum. Cutting such materials always comes with a risk. Materials that require high precision and heavy-duty cutting services usually do not run cheap. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the cutting method applied is precise, reliable and efficient.
For this reason, many are sourcing out plasma cutting companies to fulfill their heavy-duty cutting projects. Unlike other methods used to cut durable materials, plasma offers several advantages that make it a dependable and time-efficient option:
  • Does not require extra "heat-up” time, making it a time-efficient method
  • The cutting process itself is faster than other methods
  • Cuts are precise and clean
  • No large metal chips to clean up after
Plasma is an ionized gas in its fourth state. As such, it contains the ability to conduct energy and heat. In a plasma cutting process, plasma gas is compressed and combined with electrical energy, forcing it to increase in heat intensity. The heated and compressed plasma gas is pushed through a concentrated area, known as the plasma arc.
As such, a high precision force is projected through the nozzle and applied to metals and thick materials to produce cleanly cut edges.
As plasma gas is electrically conducive, plasma cutting can be applied to materials such as:
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
Materials that require clean precision cuts, but are incredibly thick, such as marble and granite, can also be cut efficiently using plasma gas. As these materials are expensive, it is beneficial that there are no mistakes and only the most precise cuts are rendered.
Plasma cutting is a technology that developed out of plasma welding. In the 1980's, metal cutting companies began to use plasma cutting methods as they proved to be cleaner, both in cut and process. Initial plasma cutting equipment was relatively slow and in turn, costly.
As with all technologies, however, plasma cutting equipment has advanced greatly over the past few decades. Plasma cutting companies are quicker and more efficient. There have been developments in equipment sizes and handheld plasma cutters enable a professional to render fine, precise designs and shapes.
In addition, thinner plasma arcs and smaller nozzles offer laser-type streams of plasma to be applied to thick metals, meaning designs can be more intricate.
Sourcing out a plasma cutting company to handle important metal cutting jobs is a wise practice. Depending on other metal cutting processes may result in rendering useless a piece of expensive material. When dealing with costly products such as granite and copper, it is vital to achieve an accurate cut.
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